Háskólavísur 10: The Suns of Summer

The days passed and lengthened as the spring semester came to its final end, with the skald having won total victory over all the classes and exams. But it was time to head onward to future adventures. After a tearful goodbye, the Skald left Iceland, returning to his homeland just in time for the hot and humid summer and its bright and searing sun. After a long rest, the Skald reflected on his travels, the sun as a metaphor, and his upcoming journey to Norway and composed this verse:

In sorrow I left for southern lands,
alone to fly and from my lady parted,
to a sleep of a sort in a summer rest.
It readies my heart for the road ahead,
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Audio for Sumartímadrápa

Here in Pennsylvania, summer has very much arrived in force, and in honor of that, I present an audio recording of my poem Sumartímadrápa.

Here is the downloadable file of me reciting the poem:
Eirik Westcoat – Sumartímadrápa

And here is the inline player:

Enjoy! Feel free to share the file. For details, see the Creative Commons link below.

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The linked audio file of Sumartímadrápa is:
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Staves for Daily Use, Part 1

Poetry in elder times was sometimes referred to as “staves.” (As in, “I recite these staves.”) This week, I present three staves that Asatruar may find useful for reciting at need as a way to incorporate more ritual into their lives. Actually, many polytheists might find them useful as is, and I suppose any monotheists reading my blog could probably figure out how to modify certain lines if they wanted to. However, they are written from an Asatru perspective. Each is one stanza of ljóðaháttr. I’ll present a few more next week.

Waking Stave

This dawning day
brings deeds of might
for us the bold and brave.
For gifts from the gods,
I give my thanks,
may I wield them well today!

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