A Selection of Poetic Hallowings

This week, I have a some poetic hallowings to share. Unlike other types of poetry that I write, the reciting of the hallowings is specifically meant to be accompanied by actions for a specific purpose: the hallowing of what is ordinarily profane space in preparation for Asatru ritual. In the case of the hammer hallowing which is the first example, one would usually make the sign of the hammer (most simply, an upside-down “T” shape) in the direction indicated in the stanza while one is reciting that stanza. This can be done with one’s hand or fist, whether empty or holding an actual hammer. As is typical for a hammer hallowing, mine includes the four cardinal directions, plus above and below.

However, one can hallow with something other than the hammer. In writing other sorts of hallowings, one can make use of the lore to create hallowings that are more connected to Asatru than generic hallowings might be, making them more effective in my opinion. These might include hallowing with fire & ice, with dwarves, with water, or with the power of poetry itself — and I have an example of each.

But before I get to the more creative hallowings, here is a version of the hammer hallowing in ljóðaháttr that specifically calls on the power of Thor’s hammer.

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