An About Page and a Yule Break

It is time for another site update post.

Just who is Eirik Westcoat, Skald? I’ve added an about page which you may now see in the site’s menu bar above. It has the usual sort of stuff along with some links.

My birthday is coming up soon and so is the Yuletide holiday. This year, that means that this blog will be taking the next two weeks off. The next post will be a short Yule poem, probably on December 24.


Content Guide: Check Out the Menu Bar

With a total of 52 posts on this blog including this one, readers both new and old may find it a bit daunting to scroll through. So today I’ve updated this site with some content guides. They are the links in the black menu bar above: Major Poems, Minor Poems, Audio Recordings, Non-Poetry. Each one goes to a page providing links to all the posts in its category. Now for a short description of what the categories mean.

Major Poems: Stand-alone poems that have titles of their own.

Minor Poems: Short collections of loose stanzas for things such as calls to the gods.

Audio Recordings: Recorded recitations for your computer or mobile device of choice.

Non-Poetry: Everything else. Introductory material, book lists, meter discussions, etc.

Generally, these lists will be updated as needed or approximately monthly.