Poem Preview and Patreon Update

I continue to prepare for my upcoming Patreon launch. There’s a lot of things to put into it, such as patron tiers, various rewards, planning a regular update schedule, and so forth. And, of course, picking the exact launch date. Got a suggestion for my upcoming Patreon? Whatever it is, whether it’s for content, patron tiers, promotional opportunities, or whatever, feel free to let me know, either by commenting here, or sending me a message through the various linked social media accounts or email on this page.

Some of the content will be poetry that will be available to patrons before it appears on this blog—if it ever appears on this blog. (Don’t worry, virtually all of my poems are likely to find their way into a book sooner or later.) Here’s a preview the first nine lines of the first poem that I’ll launch my Patreon with, titled “A Skaldic Eagle in the World”:

A Skaldic Eagle must offer his Mead,
must give his gifts, for gain to the World;
the Work is imperative, a wode-filled impulse.
But defending the Center ‘gainst foes and shadows
— that its sacred light illumines unimpeded
a world of darkness — is a woesome task.
And even an eagle must often land,
and life on the ground can get one down,
with its oft-assaulting slings and arrows.

The full poem is fifty-five lines, and in many ways, it is a companion piece to “A Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight” that I posted on this blog back in February 2017.

Finally, here’s a screen-cap preview of the site’s splash page, with art (from my Hail the Gods bookling) by the extremely talented Ermenegilda Muller—you can find a link to her in the side bar:

The time to the launch draws ever closer. Will you join the adventure when this Eagle spreads his wings and soars for the sun?

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