Eagle’s Mead Anniversary and Patreon Update

Today, March 20, 2022 marks the three-year anniversary of the release of my second poetry book, Eagle’s Mead, in the midst of my PhD studies at the time. In those three years, it’s received three ratings (all five stars) but no reviews on Amazon. In comparison, my first book, Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites, has 34 ratings and six reviews. If you’ve read my Eagle’s Mead, please consider celebrating its anniversary by leaving a review for it. It’s the book that I like most of my poetry publications so far, and it is very much a “Skaldic Eagle” book. (As for VPfHR, its five-year anniversary is coming up in early July.)

In other news, my Patreon launch continues to go well, and I have twelve patrons at this time. So far, there have been three main content posts on each Wednesday of this month, plus a few extra tidbits. If you look back to my post of January 23 this year, you’ll see mention of something called “Book 3”—the first preview of a tiny portion of it will be coming to my Patreon site this Wednesday, March 23, for my patrons at the Feed the Eagle tier. The post will look at some of the Norse gods associated with poetry.


Less Than 10 Days Until My Patreon Launch!

Today I have an update about the kind of content and tiers that I’ll be launching my Patreon site with, on March 2 in the early afternoon, and, of course, eagle themes abound.

“Ready the Roost” is the first of three tiers, at $3/month. For my “Roosters,” I’ll be posting poems and audio recordings of poems.

“Build the Nest” is the second of three tiers, at $6/month. My “Builders” get those poem & audio recordings, plus my essay content, both esoteric and academic excerpts. Note that the essay content is especially unlikely to ever appear on this blog.

“Feed the Eagle” is the third of three tiers, at $9/month. My “Feeders” get everything mentioned so far, plus access to exclusive posts in which I teach what I know about writing “Viking Poetry” in English in today’s world. These posts certainly won’t appear on this blog, and they probably won’t appear anywhere else until they’re collected into a book in a some years’ time.

For those unfamiliar with Old Norse poetry, the name of this final tier comes from kennings used in skaldic poetry, where to feed an eagle, wolf, or raven is a metaphor that means killing enemies in battle, since corpses are food for these creatures. You can see examples of this in the kennings for “corpse” that are listed on the Skaldic Project’s website. But for $9/month, you can feed this Eagle without having to kill anyone in battle. And there are still “corpses” involved, it’s just that they are pictures of dead people on green pieces of paper. 😀

Those are the main tiers and what will comprise the regular content posts. I’ll probably have the occasional off-topic posts also.

My Patreon Launch Date: March 2

The date is set! I’ll be launching my Patreon on March 2—the first Woden’s Day of the month and a new moon, as is appropriate for this sort of thing. Thereafter, main content posts will be on Wednesdays—at least the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, but I’ll aim a bit higher and post on the 1st through 4th Wednesdays of March, and hopefully April as well, and see if it is sustainable from there. For the months that have a 5th Wednesday, I think I will do something different.

What strange wonders lie straight ahead
in this unknown realm of online work?
Who among you is the Mead calling
to join this journey on its joyous start?

As a sneak preview of what’s coming up, here are some of the possible names for the various patron tiers that are planned:

  • Incubate the Eggs
  • Feed the Eagle
  • The Wind Beneath my Wings
  • The Sky that Supports Me
  • The Sun that Guides Me
  • Give Mead to the Eagle

I suspect there will be at least three tiers to start, and it’s pretty much certain that “Feed the Eagle” will be one of them. 😀

Poem Preview and Patreon Update

I continue to prepare for my upcoming Patreon launch. There’s a lot of things to put into it, such as patron tiers, various rewards, planning a regular update schedule, and so forth. And, of course, picking the exact launch date. Got a suggestion for my upcoming Patreon? Whatever it is, whether it’s for content, patron tiers, promotional opportunities, or whatever, feel free to let me know, either by commenting here, or sending me a message through the various linked social media accounts or email on this page.

Some of the content will be poetry that will be available to patrons before it appears on this blog—if it ever appears on this blog. (Don’t worry, virtually all of my poems are likely to find their way into a book sooner or later.) Here’s a preview the first nine lines of the first poem that I’ll launch my Patreon with, titled “A Skaldic Eagle in the World”:

A Skaldic Eagle must offer his Mead,
must give his gifts, for gain to the World;
the Work is imperative, a wode-filled impulse.
But defending the Center ‘gainst foes and shadows
— that its sacred light illumines unimpeded
a world of darkness — is a woesome task.
And even an eagle must often land,
and life on the ground can get one down,
with its oft-assaulting slings and arrows.

The full poem is fifty-five lines, and in many ways, it is a companion piece to “A Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight” that I posted on this blog back in February 2017.

Finally, here’s a screen-cap preview of the site’s splash page, with art (from my Hail the Gods bookling) by the extremely talented Ermenegilda Muller—you can find a link to her in the side bar:

The time to the launch draws ever closer. Will you join the adventure when this Eagle spreads his wings and soars for the sun?

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