Side Project: The Eagle as Editor

The Skaldic Eagle occasionally flies off on side quests, and did so this past winter, editing and proofreading a short novel of about 27,000 words. Recently, it’s been released as an ebook: 20 Years of Sloth, by Agata Borghesan.

The author is an amazing, multi-talented artist, model, and a wonderful human being, whom I first met in Iceland in Spring 2019. She originally wrote and released the novel in her native Italian, and recently translated it herself into English. I helped with editing and proofreading the English translation. (For the record, I don’t know any Italian.) I greatly enjoyed working on the project, and I’m glad to have helped get the translation out into the world. There’s some rather intense and unique material in it. The ebook is also illustrated with her distinctive drawings at the beginning of each chapter.

Here’s the link to the ebook (in epub) format, available through Lulu. (Please note that page lists an “18+ Explicit Content” warning for the book, one that is certainly warranted. Certain content may be triggering to some readers.)

You can find her other work at a number of websites, including: Solitude Skinny Scars (Instagram)Agata Borgehsan Art (Instagram), and Solitude Skinny Scars (Patreon).