A Short Series of Sumbel Toasts

And now for something a bit different… sumbel toasts!

Followers of modern Germanic heathenry (Asatru, Odinism, Theodism, etc.) will undoubtedly be familiar with the traditional three round sumbel, in which the first round is dedicated to the gods, the second round to heroes and ancestors, and the third to boasts, toast, and oaths, or more generally, the participant’s choice. Poetry in the alliterative, eddic meters is indeed appropriate for such significant speech. Here, I present three short sumbel toasts. The first is to the gods and goddesses as a whole and the second is to the ancestors as a whole — both are in ljóðaháttr. The third toast is more specific, and is in honor of the Asatru kindred that I’m in — it is in galdralag.

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