Háskólavísur 11: Nýtt Land og Nýja Hof

As the summer heat of his homeland approached its peak, the Skald prepared his ship to sail from Vinland onward to new adventures in Norway. Aided by runes of good fortune, the sailing was smooth and the Skald beached his ship in the bay and established his farmstead of Nýja Hof in the cozy little village of Sogn Studentby in the northern part of Olso. Unlike the somewhat barren landscape of Reykjavík, this place was teeming with grass and trees, and the sun was still bright and warm. Once settled in and ready for the start of classes, the Skald noted that it was the day of a new moon, reflected on the seasonal cycles and the work ahead (especially that of his master’s thesis),  and composed this verse:

A bright sun shines on my bold adventure,
which now continues in a new country.
In Bragi’s land, I’ve beached my ship
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Háskólavísur 03: My Heathen Hof

“Hof” is my room: a heathen temple
to higher learning, where a horn is raised
to the elder gods of the Medieval North.
Repeating paradigms, I practice Old Norse,
and runes are written for raising consciousness.
The tales of knights by Chrétien I read,
and grails are sought for gain in my soul.
Of a Corpus of Lit, I acquire knowledge,
and mead is made for many to enjoy.

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