Audio for The Binding of Fenrir

Today I present an audio recording of another eddic tale that I’ve set in verse. This time, it is The Binding of Fenrir, which was posted as text back in May in part 1 and part 2. In this spoken version, the words are different in a few places from what I posted, and the original posts have not been edited.

Here is the downloadable file of me reciting the poem:

Eirik Westcoat – The Binding of Fenrir

And here is the inline player:

Enjoy! Feel free to share the file. For details, see the Creative Commons link below.

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The linked audio file of The Binding of Fenrir is:
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The Binding of Fenrir, Part 1

The Binding of Fenrir is another of the famous stories from Snorri’s Edda that does not have a corresponding form in verse in the Poetic Edda. Today I present the first half of my poetic retelling of this story, in seven stanzas of ljóðaháttr. Next week, I’ll post the remaining seven stanzas.

The ale of Ygg
I eagerly brewed,
and here I pour a poem.
Of Fenrir’s binding
and famous Týr,
that spell I speak to all.

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