The Skald Starts an M.A.

So, what’s the cause of the very long break since my last post? Nothing less than a move to Iceland for the start of an M.A. program in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies at the University of Iceland. Joining this program has been a goal of mine ever since I learned of its existence back in May 2012. It’s an international, two year program that has its first year in Iceland and in which the third semester is taken at one of three other partner universities in Norway or Denmark, with the fourth semester for writing a thesis either in Norway or back in Iceland. I’m looking at spending the entire second year in Norway at the University of Oslo. But for now, I’m enjoying the start to my time in Iceland. I’ve been here for eleven days so far, and both life and studies have been great. Reykjavík is a beautiful city. 🙂

My courses this semester are:

  • Old Icelandic 1
  • The Medieval North
  • The Old Norse-Icelandic Literary Corpus – Overview and Main Questions
  • Chrétien de Troyes and the Chivalric Romance in Medieval Culture

It’s very likely that my studies will have an influence on my future poetry, but in ways that can’t be discerned this early. The Chrétien de Troyes course may surprise some of my readers, but I also have an interest in the topics of knighthood, chivalry, and the Grail, and so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Of course, my main scholarly focus continues to be on Old Norse and Old English poetry.

Here’s the link to the program’s page for those who would learn more and those who might want to apply for next year: <>.

My studies here in Iceland do take up a lot of time, so updates to this blog are likely to be irregular, perhaps all the way until after I graduate. For now, they’ll probably be on Sundays when they happen.

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